Random Wet Kittens of the Day

I took this last summer in Kaoshiung City. The kittens were meowing under a stage-like platform right by a busy sidewalk. It had just stopped raining after none-stop days of sprinkling and the kittens seem to have come out for some fresh air. The kittens were drawn to my presence, perhaps thinking I had food. As an aspiring crazy cat-lover, my heart was broken as I didn’t have anything to give them. Fortunately, I what looked like the kittens’ mom arrived soon afterwards.

In Taiwan,  stray dogs and cats are very common due to the fact that there’s no government funding for animal shelters and animal rights reform just started in recent years. The dogs in the island also possess an amazing ability to understand traffic signs and know when to cross the road.

Back to reality, yesterday marked the beginning of the new semester. Since I spent the majority of my winter break by a relatively hermit lifestyle and probably won’t do anything interesting for a while, I decided to dig up some more old pictures I took over the years.

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