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In March of 2016, I began traveling around the world, to work off that wanderlust bug that itched me for years. I worked all sorts of odd jobs — farm work, web design, filmmaking, Yoga teaching — for the budget, the people, and getting the most out of the experience. Find out more about my journey.


My work has taken me around the world. With an itchy case of wanderlust, I took a year off from the traditional employment to travel and work abroad.  Read about where I’ve been, and how I managed to make the most out of it while on a budget.

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Filmmaking has taken me around the world, telling untold stories.

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Video made for a family-run surf camp in Taghazout, Original Surf Morocco.

Grace Foundation co-hosted a panel on ‘African Women using Technology’ at the UN CSW61 conference in March 2017.

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profileWhen I moved to Taiwan from the States as a child, nothing could’ve prepared me for the culture shock. But as kids usually are, I quickly adapted and became fluent in Mandarin within weeks.

When I returned to the States 10 years later, I found my adaptivity didn’t deteriorate with age. Instead of fear and discomfort, I felt intrigued, with an intuition to communicate and share the stories of these different cultures.

Ever since I discovered my talent for embracing new things, I’ve developed a competitive drive to test it. I’ve scraped up money and utilized scholarships to travel to, live in, and tell stories of New York City, Taiwan, Europe, India, and more.

Growing up in two drastically different cultures, I realize that nothing can portray and convey tales of the world as well as film and writing.

So, my initial interest in storytelling became a passion to share the tales of the people I’ve encountered – of the heroes who walk among us, the places that aren’t explored, and the organizations that change the world.

My dream as a child was to become an artist. As I grew older, I realize that there is so much art already in our daily lives and all over the world, just waiting to be shared with the new media of the digital age.

Find out more about some of my travels, where I got to experience different places of the world through work and volunteerism.

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Building bridges between different cultures through film, art, and language. Check out the stories I’ve been fortunate enough to tell, and how I may be able to help with yours.

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