Mind, Body, and Soul

— the key to a healthy and happy life is understanding the connection between these three basic elements of our being.

I learned Yoga as a pursuit of relieving my body of the everyday aches and pains. What I gained was a newfound awareness of consciousness, ability to control anxieties, and deeper understanding of my body. Yoga is beyond simply an exercise, it is the pursuit of a balanced life through internal and external practice.

After receiving Yoga Teacher Training in India, I continued my practice teaching students of all ages and demographics at surf camps in Morocco, festivals in Italy, farms in Belgium, grade schools in Brooklyn, and any opportunities that I have.

Beyond guiding people through physical postures and stretches that help relieve pain, I also emphasize on the breathing exercises and meditations and relieve the anxious or aggressed mind. A body cannot be cured of its pains without curing its mind.

An example of my Yoga instruction for improving core and muscle flexibility:

I love to teach Yoga whenever I have the chance, as it’s giving others the tool to go deeper within themselves, pursuing calmness, and improving health and vitality on top of getting in shape.

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Teaching students at a grade school in Brooklyn, New York in 2017.