The Story

Me as a child living in Pingtung, Taiwan, unaware than in a few years I’d be habitually uprooted.

Ever since I made the move from Taiwan to the United States to receive “better education” at age 13, I’ve been yearning to set my foot on the next continent. While I consider both countries my home, I find that I am one of those people who adjusts easily to new environments, and actually gets some sort of sick satisfaction out of trying to adapt in a strange place.

When I realized my calling, I decided to work on a career of storytelling – contributing to the cultural bridge that helps connect the world, whether through images, videos, or tales. Thus began my goal to hop on any opportunity to travel, meet people, and share their stories. Whether it’s going on class trips to London or Tokyo, visiting my sister in Shanghai, or working in Taipei, if a door opens that allows me to stay long term and learn the ways of a new place, I’m always on board. Stay tuned for my next destination!

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