Feeling “Safe and Sound” in Abandoned Hotel

Anyone who knows me knows that I have a fetish for abandoned buildings. There’s something about the overgrown weeds, the broken glass, the rusty metals, that makes it feel like you’re stepping into a rustic black and white film (or a horror flick, depending on your fantasies).

Most people drive right on by, but I’ve had the tendency to stalk and prey upon these places, with the occasional trespassing. I’m not proud of breaking any laws, but I believe if something is “abandoned” it doesn’t hurt to give it a little attention sometimes.

The Kenting National Park in Southern Taiwan is home to dozens of these abandoned buildings. Blame the financial crisis, or just bad management, but plenty of potential holiday resorts were built and never housed a single guest.

The building in this video seems to have belonged to the Taiwanese military, right next to its still functional base. It has experienced a decent amount of vandalism over the years, yet almost all of its mattresses and furnitures are still intact within each individual hotel rooms. The “dining room” still has its original chairs and tables, piled up to the side. The atrium’s floor-to-ceiling windows give the room beautiful sunlight, not to mention incredible acoustics.

Why did I sing “Safe and Sound” by Taylor Swift? Oh I don’t know, maybe the ruined hotel reminded me of war and battles, which reminded me of the Hunger Games, which reminded me of its incredible soundtrack? Anyway, I hope you like it.

This spot was not the first that I trespassed for its great acoustics. Check out my performance at an abandoned church in Ayutthaya, Thailand.

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