The Taipei Bucket List: Cat Cafés

If a city has a village designated to cats (Houton), it’s no surprise that Cat Cafés would exist for those who don’t have the time to trek to the cat lady paradise. As an distinguished and unashamed cat lady, I am vowing to visit every single one of the massive list of feline-inhabited cafés in Taiwan.

Today, conveniently as a part of my work, we decided to visit the T & F (Together and Forever 就是幸服) cafe right by our office to “discuss business” (sort of). We were greeted by a very friendly woman with glasses, and a few equally friendly furry creatures that ruled the cafe.




Perhaps due to its residence in the middle of a bustling business district, the majority of customers sported suits and briefcases. There’s something quite amusing about seeing grown men in buttoned up shirts and dress pants cuddling with kittens.


The food is general light snacks like bagels and sandwiches, and the minimum is 50NT. With it nicely tucked in a small ally only a light stroll away from the City Hall and the Songshan Cultural park, it’s a quiet place to get your work done while getting your cuddle on. Petting and cuddling furry creatures have been statistically shown to be incredibly therapeutic! (Or so we tell ourselves)

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