Dancing in the dark


I was doing some spring cleaning of the virtual world before a new semester begins when I stumbled upon some old photography I did for my photojournalism class back in the fall of 2011. The Nikon D3100 malfunctioned while I was there, so I was unable to submit these photographs to my class as it didn’t exceed 50 decent photos. However, there are definitely a few beautiful photos that don’t deserve to be hidden in the dungeon for all eternity.

Here are the photos taken in the fall of 2011 of contemporary dancers from Indiana University rehearsing at the Musical Arts Center in Bloomington, Indiana.


Most people would crop out the blackness in this photo, but I find the blackness to be an essential part of the scene. After all, once the light is dimmed and the stage becomes the only presence in the room, darkness is the only audience.







I was fortunate enough to be able to be invited back stage by a fellow (severely more professional) photographer. Here begins the photos I was blessed enough to capture of the dancers basically “hanging out” before the rehearsal.






Let me end with a beautiful long-exposure photo of the curtains. How appropriate.

© Lena Morris 2011

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