Went a little crazy with the ribbons…

Things I do during winter break:

a. Watch as many shows on Hulu as I can physcially endure.

b. Meanwhile playing Tetris Battle on Facebook.

c. Soak in the refreshing holiday spirit.

This Christmas I am going all out with the presents. Last year we failed – there were only few presents and they were wrapped under urgent circumstances. I event forgot to label them, which caused a lot of confusion among my young cousins. This year, with my huge bucket-o-cheesy-ribbons inherited from my crafty aunt and new bow-tying skills acquired from my wedding catering job, I literally added as many unnecessary decors to these presents as I could. Some might find it a complete waste of time considering its short life expectancy, but there was something very theraputic about it.

My sister walked in on me during my holiday intoxication. After an awkward pause, she joked that I would make the perfect housewife.

Considering I’ve been doing absolutely nothing productive (and enjoying it) once again I chose my cat to model and accompany my work of art.

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