Something about the leaves falling and the temperature decreasing, there’s a sudden feeling of gloom that I’m constantly overcome with. Maybe I still miss the warmth of Taiwan, maybe it’s the lack of sleep, maybe it’s vitamin D deprivation, the season of S.A.D has once again begun.

Something about trees has always intrigued me. It’s something I’ve been surrounded by all my life, yet never ceases to still grab my attention. There’s nothing more soothing than walking to the middle of the Dunn’s Woods in between classes, and just looking up at the canopy a sky covered with black vain reaching for each other. The wind blows into the naked plants, drowning out all other noises. I don’t need therapy when I have nature.

In this town of constant passing and renew, I will always feel like the same girl I was in high school. Despite being surrounded by 40,000 students, bumping my shoulders as we squeeze our way to obligations, there’s still a burning sense of isolation.

(you can see how badly my skin has cracked from my mid-season miseries.)

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