I have this thing for rooftops and sunrises.

(Above is nightscape of Taipei city at around 3 a.m., a picture that can only be taken by tresspassing to the rooftop of Chiantan Youth Center.)

This summer was amazing. I got to spend two and a half beautiful months in my “motherland” and got to take a sip of the Taiwan’s coolaid of fun (now I’m craving more!). Despite growing up in Taiwan and having spent more than ten years in the tiny island, this summer opened a door to Taiwan’s hidden luxuries.

The country is constantly changing. Every summer I return, another skyscraper changes the skyline. The small town I grew up in that was once nothing but rice fields and egrets now has a row of cram schools aligned in front of my old elementary school (ready to swallow souls). The Taiwanese transportation has quickly evolved into a system way more efficient than any American city I’ve ever been to, with it being a mere $20 (a mere $.60 USD) to take the clean, well lit (and hobo-less) subway to anywhere important in Taipei. A speed rail was built not too long ago that stems from the Northern city to the almost-southern city of Kaoshiung. What was once an at least five hour ride across the island has been reduced to two.

With the drinking age being 18, this summer was also my first glance at the wonders of Taiwanese night life. The clubs in Taipei were the busiest, fanciest party scenes I’d ever seen.

Below is a guy passed out right outside of a Taipei night club, Neo19, the morning after.

(Above is The Grand Hotel of Taipei taken from the same spot on the roof of Chiantan. With the energy savings act of Taiwan, the hotel turns its lights off at 10pm. )

(Above is the famous Taipei 101 at night. It’s the current tallest building in Taiwan and was the tallest building of the world for six proud years.)

(This is the sky of Pingtung City taken with LONG exposure from the 14th floor of National Pingtung University of Education. It’s one of my favorite pictures I’ve ever taken.)

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